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The coastal resort of Starigrad-Paklenica has approximately 2000 inhabitants and is 25 km away from Zadar, the next larger town. The districts of Starigrad-Paklenica are: Maslenica, Rovanjska, Seline, Tribanj.

General information

Starigrad is the centre of the 20-km long riviera of Paklenica, the area distinguished by the astonishing and charming combination of marine and mountainous features. The mild Mediterranean and the sharp mountainous climates meet here. This is where Velebit Mountain opens to the sea.

Due to its unique position, Starigrad is the destination of mountain climbers and swimmers. It is the seat of the Paklenica National Park Authority, where all information about visiting the Park can be obtained. Those who prefer sunbathing can find enjoyment on pebble beaches. Starigrad offers fine sports and recreation opportunities: tennis, beach volleyball, miniature golf, water sports. The restaurants offer domestic food, primarily fish, but also lamb, prosciutto and cheese. The town organizes cultural events and shows. The nearby Rovanjska cove, with the one-nave early Croatian church of St. George, is worth visiting.

Accommodation: hotel Alan (B); campsite Paklenica (II); apartments, rooms.

* island of Pag (8.5 Nm) rn* Nin (48.5 km) rn* Zadar (42 km) rn* Obrovac (28 km).

Starigrad, a town and small harbour on the coast of the Velebit Channel, not far from Velika Paklenica, 45 km south of Karlobag. Chief occupations are farming, livestock breeding, fishing and tourism. The harbour is partially protected from the bora and the sirocco. Smaller yachts can berth on the northern part of the pier (depth 2-5 m). Starigrad lies on the main road (M2, E65) Rijeka - Zadar.

Populated ever since the Roman period (Argyruntum). Emperor Tiberius chartered the town in AD 34-35, grating it the municipal rights; the town was then fortified. - The settlement was abandoned in the 16th c. due to the Turkish raids, to be re-established in the 17th century. The ruins of Vecka Tower, dating probably from the period of Turkish invasion, rise on Cape Kula. To the left of the Adriatic Main Road is the pre-Romanesque small church of St. Peter (when the church was built in the 11th and the 12th centuries, the ancient necropolis from the 1st and the 2nd centuries was discovered). There are about 20 stelae around, and three in the church.
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