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Pakostane has approximately 3880 inhabitants and is 35 km away from Zadar, the next larger town. The districts of Pakostane are: Drage.

General information

Pakostane, a small town and harbour on the isthmus which separates Vransko Lake from the sea, 8 km south of Biograd na Moru. Chief occupations are farming, fishing and tourism. It comprises an older part along the coast and a newer part along the main road (M2, E65). The harbour is protected by the islets of Babuljas, Veli Skolj and Sveta Justina; it is exposed to the south-westerly winds.

On several locations there are remains of an ancient settlement; below the cemetery, near the sea, are the foundations of a Roman villa. In the sea one can see the remains of a Roman breakwater. One of the branches of the Roman waterworks, which led from Vrana to Zadar, was directed to Pakostane.
Sport activities

swimming,  diving,  cycling
Food and entertainment

Cafe,  Restaurant

small shop,  greengrocers

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