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IMPORTANT travel info

Important info for your trip to Croatia!

Arrival and departure

In peak season (June until August), the major part of the holiday lettings in Croatia can only be booked from Saturday to Saturday. There are a few exceptions particularly in smaller towns such as Senj and Sveti Juraj.

Address of your holiday property

As soon as your booking is fully paid you will receive your travel voucher with the address of our service partner on the spot or the address of your holiday property. In case you stay in a hotel or holiday resort you can check-in directly there. If you stay in a private accommodation you will either be directed to the holiday property itself or to a partner agency on the spot where check-in will take place.

Bed linen

In most cases, bed linen is provided by the landlords on a weekly basis. Detailled information can be found in the despription of every holiday property. In private properties you might have to bring your own towels (check description). If you stay in a hotel bed linen and towels are available, of course.

Boat berths

Some landlords can provide a private boat berth against payment (usually between 7 and 15 Eur per day). In case you need one you should contact us before making any booking as availability has to be checked in advance. Normally, there are boat cranes to let the boats into the water. In some small locations you find only slipways.

Boat licence

You need a boat licence for any kind of motorised boat. If you arrive with a boat you have to announce it at the harbour master’s office (Lucka kapetanija). Transporting your boat on Croatian streets is possible without any special permit as long as your vehicle does not exceed a length of 18 m, a width of 2.50 m and a height of 4.00 m.

Check-in and check-out time

Usually check-in is possible between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., check-out before 10 a.m. You will find the exact check-in and check-out times on your travel voucher.
Should it be impossible for your to arrive within the period of time indicated on your travel voucher please get in touch with the hotel / resort or our service partner on the spot (contact details on your voucher).


The official Croatian currency is Kuna. There are exchange offices in all touristic places. Most hotels and holiday resorts also offer exchange service. Credit cards are accepted in many places, but not everywhere. It is possible to withdraw money at a cashpoint with your credit card.


Most properties provide dishcloths as well as cleaning utensils.


Before practicing scuba diving you have to ask for a permit at the local harbour master’s office. It is strictly forbidden to use a harpoon.


If you wish to stay less than 30 days and if you are a EU citizen you just need an identity card. If you wish to stay longer, up to 3 months or if you plan a daytrip to Bosnia, you need a passport. Children must have their own document. If you are no Eu citizen please contact the consulate or embassy for more information.

Duration of your stay

In peak seaso, most properties require a minimum stay of 7 nights (exceptions are possible). In low season many properties require a minimum stay of 3 or 4 nights. If you book less you might have to pay a supplement (prices can be checked online).

Electric current

220V, you might need a Euro plug


It is not possible to reserve tickets for the local ferry connections in advance. The ferry tickets have to be bought directly at the port. The most important ferries to the islands of Rab, Losinj, Pag, Brac, Pasman, Hvar run frequently during the summer months. You can find further information about ferry services on the website of the Croatian ferry company


Before you can go fishing you need to get a fishing licence. They are issued by travel agencies along the Croatian coast (you need to show your ID / passport). Fishing is generally possible in the whole Adriatic Sea. There are, however, restrictions in and around some national parks (such as Kornati, Brijuni, Krka and Mljet) and certain other areas. The price for the fishing licence depends on the duration (daily, weekly or monthly licence).

Fire prevention

Matches, cigarettes or pieces of glass should only be allem in trockenen Sommern ist die Gefahr von Bränden sehr hoch. Bitte werfen Sie keine Streichhölzer, Zigaretten oder Gegenstände aus Glas nicht einfach weg, sondern benutzen Aschenbescher oder entsprechende Abfallbehälter.

Important phone numbers

- if you need help on the street: 987

- police: 92

- fire brigade: 93

- in case of accidents: 94

- country code for Croatia: 00385 (then leave out the zero of the local prefix)

Liability for damages

Any possible damage caused by the customer hast o be paid for on the spot. Should the holiday property show any damages or other deficiencies upon your arrival please inform the landlord, reception or the service partner on the spot immediately.


You can find public phones in local post offices, hotels or phone boxes. Phone cards can be bought at the post office. Mobile phones are very common and the major providers are Vipnet, Tele2 and T-mobile.

Petrol stations

Unleaded petrol is called "bezolovni 95", Super is called "Super benzin" and Eurodiesel is called "Eurodizel".


There is a growing number of pet friendly holiday lettings. Whether a property or hotel takes pets is indicated in the description. Usually, there is a supplement for each pet. You can only book one pet via our website. Should you wish to take more than one or should your pet weigh more than 10 kg please contact Adrialin in advance. When travelling to Croatia, make sure your pet has all necessary documents such as an international certificate of vaccination (valid rabis vaccine required).
In public and particularly close the the beaches you have to put on a leash on your dog. Otherwise you might have to pay a fine.


The Croatian word for pharmacy is "ljekarna" and their sign is a green cross


Generally, you take no risk if you travel through Croatia. Especially the coast, the islands, big towns and national parks can be visited without hesitation. In the following areas there is still a risk of land mines: Eastern Slavonia (30 – 50 km from the Serbian border and close to the Hungarian border, particularly around Vukovar and Vinkovci); Western Slavonia (Daruvar, Pakrac and Virovitica area); the western and southwestern border region of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the area south of Sisak and Karlovac, east of Ogulin, Otocac, Gospic and east of Zadar as well as the hinterland of the coast between Senj and Split and the mountains southeast of Dubrovnik). Landmines used to be laid close to streets, so in those areas you should not leave the official streets and pathways. Minefields are usually marked by yellow warning tape or yellow signs. However, sometimes there is no marking. Also keep out of destroyed or abandoned buildings.

Tap water

In Croatia tap water is potable - you do not have to boil it before drinking it.


Be careful on rainy days - some streets might become very slippery. In Croatia it is not allowed to drink any alcohol when driving. The BAC limit is 0.00%.
In case of any traffic accident please call the local police station. In order to leave back home with a damaged auto body, you need a confirmation issued by the police.

Vehicle documents

When travelling to Croatia by car you need to carry with you your driving licence, registration document and the green insurance card.

Visitor‘s tax

The rate of the visitor’s tax is fixed by the municipalities. That is why you find different rates in the various travel destinations. Generally the visitor’s tax lies somewhere between 0,50 and 2,00 Eur per per person per day, children from 12 to 17 pay less, younger children pay no tax. In addition tot he visitor’s tax there is a one-time registration fee of ca. 1,50 Eur per person for some properties.

Washing machines

Some holiday properties have their own washing machine. In some other cases it’s possible to use the landlord’s washing machine. The use of the washing machine is charged on the spot.

Winter season

From October until April we reccommend only holiday lettings which have heating. Please find info about heating /airco in the description of the property.

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