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<H2> Holidays in Croatia with your dog! </ H2> <h3> Dear Dog Owner, </ h3> <p> ADRIALIN tries very hard, to offer <a title = &Croatia with dog& href=&../einfache_suche.php?countryID=hr&regionID=&townID=&accomodation=&dateFrom=&dateTo=&adultNo=1&kidNo=0&alterKind1=0&alterKind2=0&alterKind3=0&alterKind4=0&alterKind5=0&alterKind6=0&sleeproomNo=&size=&floor=&standards=&pets=Y&beachDistance=&cityDistance=&shoppingDistance=&restaurantDistance=&advancedsearch=y&> a variety of pet-friendly accommodation in Croatia. At the moment, we have over 2,600 pet-friendly offers. <br /> <br /> In order to ensure that you and your four-legged friends enjoy a happy holiday, please note the following rules. <br /> <br /> Pets may only be taken to accommodation where this is expressly permitted. There is an additional cost per day for pets (see description of accommodation). Only one pet permitted. If you have more than one pet, please contact Adrialin. <br /> <br /> Your pet requires the following papers to enter Croatia. <br /> - International Vaccination Certificate with anti-rabies vaccination (min. 15 days and max. 6 months old) <br /> <br /> Dogs must be kept on a lead in public areas and near the beach. To sunbathe with your dog, you must remain min. 100m from the official beach. On so-called &wild& beaches, i.e. bays etc., you can swim with your dog. <br /> <br /> If your accommodation accepts pets, this does not necessarily mean that they are allowed to use the pool area, the green areas or gardens. The same applies to restaurants etc. .. Dogs may have to be kpet on a lead. Dogs are not permitted in swimming pools. </ P> <h2> Holidays in Croatia with your pet </ h2> <p> More and more visitors coming to Croatia on holiday do not want to be separated from their pets. Thinking of their cat or dog at home while they are away in foreign climes can cloud their enjoyment of the holiday. But, with the right preparation, your beloved four-legged friends can be included in your holiday fun. <br /> <br /> To travel to Croatia, dogs or cats from an EU countries must have a valid rabies vaccination, carried out at least 21 days before the beginning of your journey, and not longer than a year ago. In addition, as of 3 July 2011, pets within the EU must be tagged with a microchip that enables identification. It should also be noted that vaccination cannot take place before the microchip tagging. In such cases the vaccination will be considered invalid. In addition, your pet requires an EU pet passport issued by a veterinarian. The passport must contain the pet's identification and vaccination history. To be on the safe side and to avoid any misunderstandings, taking your pet to the vet for a check-up shortly before your holiday is a good idea. Your pet will be given a thorough examination, and you can get some handy travel tips and accessories. Dogs are not always enthusiastic about travelling by car and they may not enjoy the journey. Effective and harmless drugs ensure a stress-free journey for the animal themselves and of course the people travelling with them. It's also a good idea to pack a small &first aid kit& for your furry friend. Your vet can also give you useful advice about the journey and your holiday stay. <br /> <br /> Basically, dogs and cats can travel to Croatia without problems. But, as with any rule, there are some exceptions. It is prohibited to bring some dog breeds which fall under the heading of &fighting dogs& and are considered dangerous. Otherwise, all other breeds of dog, cats and even martens, which also includes ferrets, are welcome in Croatia. If you have several pets you wish to take on holiday with you, be reassured: up to five of your pets are welcome in Croatia. However, this is possible only at border crossing points with veterinary inspection. Dog owners should also be aware that in many locations in Croatia, dogs must be kept on a lead. You should always have your lead to hand, so that it can quickly be attached to your dog's collar. When it comes to food, please bear in mind that no wet or canned food may be brought into Croatia. This is not a problem as there is plently of choice in the local supermarkets - your four-legged friends won't starve while on holiday. An unlimited amount of dried food can be brought into Croatia. <br /> <br /> Please note that the rules on bringing pets into the country may differ for different EU Member States. Detailed information can be obtained at <a href=& target=&_blank&> kroatischen Ministerium für Landwirtschaft</a>.</p>

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