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A holiday in Croatia is as diverse as the country itself. Croatia exposes all her different faces, which are reflected just as much in the blue waters and the sea of red roofs as in the tiny Croatian islands and her fascinating mountain scenery.

Whilst many holidaymakers seeking sun, sky and sea are attracted to the Adriatic coast, where the old port towns with their mediaeval town walls and Roman palaces offer ancient culture alongside bathing fun, the Croatian inland is a real paradise for active holidaymakers, who want to discover the area in their own way by hiking in Croatia, cycling in Croatia, mountain-biking,
diving in Croatia or climbing.

With their austere beauty and numerous lakes, the valleys of the Karst mountain range are astounding. The colossal natural landscapes offer the ideal living conditions for their wild inhabitants, including wolves, lynxes and even bears .

Croatia’s holiday destinations leave nothing to be desired. That’s why the port capital Dubrovnik is one of the country's main attractions, which can simply be described as magical. The centre of this pearl on the Adriatic in particular casts her magical spell over every visitor with her red roofs, churches, palaces and the wall, formidably surrounding everything.

Croatia offers a completely different picture on the Island of Brac, which is the epitome of a holiday paradise thanks to its aromatic pine forests, olive groves and vineyards as well as the beautiful beaches. The "Golden Horn", Croatia's most famous headland and the time-honoured Dominican monastery make the island of Brac one of the most popular islands in the whole of the Mediterrean.

Yet Croatian culture by no means takes second place. It is virtually impossible to avoid the various influences, which have shaped Croatia's architecture throughout its colourful past. Every ruler left behind splendid buildings, very impressively displaying his power and importance even to this day as a testimony in stone. Whether it is the Baroque palaces, Gothic churches, Roman architecture or extravagant Renaissance paintings, in Croatia you stumble across art and culture at every turn.

After an eventful day full of activities and discovering, the cities and harbour promenades of the islands entice you into an exciting nightlife. At the onset of dusk the promenades and squares almost transform themselves into small street theatres, in which guests play the leading role. Here is the place to take a stroll. People enjoy sitting in restaurants, whilst the warm Adriatic air magically turns the Mediterranean ambience into a heavenly backdrop.

Croatia is not only a holiday destination for sun-seeking and nature-loving holidaymakers. With its diverse charms, historic past and friendly hospitality, a holiday in Croatia promises to be an unforgettable experience thanks to its beautiful landscape and magnificent countryside and last but not least its traditional delicacies.

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