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Holiday in Croatia with Adrialin

Holidays in times of the corona pandemic

The problem of corona presented us all with new challenges. Customers contact us every day with many questions and considerations. Since it is not always possible to react promptly to the many calls and emails, we have summarized the most important information about the current situation here:

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Vacation despite Corona - but safe!

Are you longing for a fresh sea breeze, for walks by the sea, for relaxation on the beach, for the southern sun ...?

Strand in Kroatien

Croatia has already opened its borders. All necessary measures and guidelines for the protection of locals and guests have been implemented.

Es gibt keine Quarantäne bei der Einreise und es sind keinerlei Gesundheitsnachweise erforderlich. Es genügt, Ihren Reisegutschein vorzuzeigen, den Sie nach Bezahlung der kompletten Reisesumme erhalten.

Sie können Wartezeiten an der kroatischen Grenze vermeiden. Dazu müssen Sie einfach ein Formular unter ausfüllen. Sie erhalten dann ein Dokument, welches Sie ausdrucken und mitnehmen sollten. Dieses zeigen Sie dann an der Grenze vor. Der Beamte muss dann nur einen Code scannen und Sie können durchfahren. Es wird dazu auch eine Extra-Durchfahrspur geben.
WICHTIG: Wenn Ihnen das zu umständlich ist, müssen Sie das nicht machen. Dann zeigen Sie einfach Ihren Reisegutschein vor und der Zollbeamte muss Ihre Daten eintragen.

The exact date when the borders of your country will be open again depends on your state government. In this regard, bilateral talks are taking place across Europe at this level, so that there will soon be concrete guidelines for all countries. The best thing to do is to check on the website of the foreign ministry in your country when you can actually travel.

Aktuell gehen wir davon aus, dass dies für die EU-Länder und die Schweiz ab dem 15.6. sein wird. In Deutschland besteht auch keine Quarantänepflicht bei der Rückkehr aus dem Urlaub. Für die übrigen Länder sollte das ab dem 15.6. ebenfalls gelten.

Für die Einreise nach Kroatien benötigen Sie neben den üblichen Reisedokumenten nur einen Travel voucher als Nachweis, dass Sie eine Unterkunft gebucht haben. Diesen zeigen Sie an der Grenze vor. Sie müssen in Kroatien auch in keinerlei Quarantäne oder Ähnliches.

The country of Croatia has had a flagship pandemic containment in recent weeks, with rates that are among the best in the world, better than Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many more. It has no risk areas, as is unfortunately the case in Italy, Spain, France or Great Britain...

Croatia, as the country currently holding the EU Presidency, behaved particularly well during the pandemic and continues to do so. The usual EU safety precautions apply.

Security measures on site

All accommodations and facilities must be thoroughly cleaned and thoroughly disinfected before each guest according to strict safety criteria.

In the holiday homes you can expect “your own” four walls and you can feel at home. There you stay among yourself, i.e. no stranger enters your privacy. You can prepare your meals like at home or use the offers of local gastronomy, such as delivery services, terraces with a sufficient distance, etc.

Our hotel partners have also adapted to the new situation in order to enable you to have a safe holiday: the hotels are only partially occupied in order to be able to implement the safety regulations. The staff is trained and prepared accordingly. in the dining rooms and on the hotel terraces, new ways are being followed in order to maintain a safe distance and to feast safely.

The mobile homes on campsites combine both: living “among themselves” and the sufficient distance to the neighbor. Here, too, no full occupancy will be allowed.

The country's health care system has also adapted to the new challenge and “upgraded” it, so that it would also be no problem to provide the necessary medical care in case of doubt.

As far as the beaches are concerned, the municipalities will provide appropriate distance regulations and disinfection measures so that beach bathing will also be possible.

You can swim safely in the sea and in the pool and do not have to be afraid of infection because the virus is not transmitted via the water.

So look forward to the warming sun rays, the impressive nature around the Adriatic Sea, the varied and tasty Croatian cuisine and a refreshing dip in the sea.


If you do not want to or cannot start your booked vacation, we offer you as a goodwill offer that you can postpone it free of charge to a later date this year or next year. This way you can secure your selected property at the current price.

The money already paid in remains as credit for your new booking.

It is sufficient if you inform us of your rebooking request by email.

  • Please do not give us your rebooking requests by phone, as our phone lines are overloaded due to the increased volume.


If you definitely cannot or do not want to go on vacation and do not want to change your booking, you can of course cancel your booking at any time.

  • If your vacation falls within the period for which there is a travel warning from the government of your country, you can cancel free of charge:
    Information about travel warnings
  • If your vacation falls outside of a travel warning period, cancel according to the cancellation policy that applied when you made the booking and that you accepted.

Our employees are currently overwhelmed with written and oral inquiries from customers, landlords and hotel partners. Most customers who cannot travel have rebooking requests. Zudem müssen im Hintergrund die bevorstehenden Kundenanreisen und die Instruierung der Vermieter und Leistungsträger vollbracht werden. Unfortunately, this causes delays in processing your request. However, you will receive your money as soon as possible. Please refrain from inquiries in this regard. We do our best to act as quickly as possible. Leider kann es auch mehrere Wochen dauern.

Trip cancellation cover

A pandemic is "force majeure". In this case, our ADRIALIN travel cancellation insurance does not apply, as does most other travel insurance.

Impossibility of travel

If the borders of your country and / or the destination country are closed, you cannot travel, even if you want to. If your government issues a travel warning, you shouldn't travel either. In such cases, of course there are no cancellation costs for you. Your trip will be canceled free of charge.

You can choose to rebook to a later date this year or next year or to definitely cancel your booking.

  • Please only let us know by email.

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